Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where did Crystal Dynamics went wrong?

 On 28 September Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light was released via Steam for PC by Crystal Dynamics(C.D.) That was pretty much uber cool because I am a fan of Tomb Raider and this is the first title with Lara Croft that’s not called Tomb Raider. It’s an arcade type game. Pretty ok but with some movement glitches(bugs, issues) that can get frustrating into the final levels.
The problem was that the Online CO-OP was delayed. We are two months away from the launch of the title and there is not Online CO-OP. They said that they want to make sure that all is good. Well that is just some crappy excuse that game developers say when they are pressed by time to release a title that’s not finished 100%. Basically they did all the Single Player part but the Online CO-OP was left to root in the never-ending story: we have to do that area.
 So I am disappointed, I was really glad when they added Romania to the newsletter at my request. Now they smashed that bridge never to be built again. I pre-order the game on steam to play it with a friend and guess what? NO ONLINE CO-OP! Well damn you and I hope you root in hell for this sin.
So, when the update for Online CO-OP will come I will be chillaxed at the inventory with some poker and would not give a shinny penny on the update for Online CO-OP.

I am not saying that I don’t like the title but just announcing Online CO-OP and releasing it after two months is pure stupidity. Yes, C.D. that is correct, your developers are lazy and they need a big whip to make things work around there. Imagine DICE releasing BFBC2 Multiplayer after two freaking months. Big no-no.

So C.D. next time when you release a title with Online CO-OP make sure you got all the areas of the title covered. We gamers are some crazy mf.

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