Saturday, October 6, 2018

I don't know

My afinity for what is right or wrong was in a wrong place as far as someone could say.
I was able to do things that might seem somewhat inhuman but to me it was normal. Being able to shut dow anything that might resemble of a feeling was just a process.
As i was looking in the eyes of what apears to be my weakness i was asking myself what am i doing here? I just followed the scent and let my self go. I was in sitution some years ago and the outcome was not in my favor. I think i am living in a circle where is a women don't give problems then i don't seem to want her. I am thinking that the last women that changes me was about 12 years ago amd it did not end up that good, for me.  Becoming someone that i don't like just to please empty people was a mistake i told myself i would not do again. But why am i here again?  Was intrying to prove myself that i am still alive? If that was the case i would say to myself: step aside, i'm coming down from the ledge and i am taking a shorcut.
I feel like a barier was growing between us, some incisible force was pushing us away, but why? I tried to do the right thing, i even smiled. Why is this happening? Why am i not enjoying the moment that we have? Why do i have to be in this weird place? I guess people are strange when you're a stranger but i don't care about the strangers, i care about what brought me here...but i don't know what to say or how to say. We are not on the same plane of existence, we are different as zero is different to 1.
All this feelings inside of me are confusing me, i don't know how to react. What if i say something wrong? I don't want to upset the balance.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Or we could

This writing has no meaning, it's just a rambling inside that tries to come out.

Fortunately I was strong enough to be able to keep it at bay for the time being. It's was the first time in my life when I was in a spot like that and to not make a mistake. It was hard and every cell of my body was fighting my mind to not follow. It was hard to not flinch a muscle in wrong direction so that I will seal my faith with the decisions that created chaos in my order.
As the moon was up on the sky and the night would make a good counselor between us there were words going back an forth, ideas,  frustrations, looks that could not be described by million words. I guess that what it was expected it was magical, the sees would depart the sun would have risen in the middle of the nigh and shine on the blackest thought of what a mortal mind would cope. But, we must remain in the present, as painful and useless it might be and how difficult it might have be this is what slayed kings, broken allegiances or started wars, great warriors have fallen beneath it. The smell makes you come closer, makes you do things that only with voodoo would seem possible or do not have any rational explanations. You want to escape, you want to run in the darkness of the night like a creature from the underworld. The only escape is to accept it and refuse it. A poisoned apple it's beautiful to look at but it's deadly to taste.

Maybe in a deep slumber things are not like this. There are no string attached, there are no bad decisions, there are borders, everything is clear and easy.

My tongue hurts, it was not touched by what it deserves, by it's twin, by it's mirror image. The animal inside is asleep, it will not awake to create chaos again. He feeds my shell with violent colors.

I guess I will never know what it feels to kiss the cold naked truth. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Delia - Du-te-ma - Explicatia Piesei

Stim ca audienta Deliei este compusa din cei mici, adica, sub 18 ani. Drept urmare nu prea putea sa puna numele piesei Fute-ma.
Stiu, vine ca un soc pentru multi dar da, asta este intentia Deliei. O piesa despre futut doar ca a fost mascat cu Du-te-ma iar versurile se pot interpreta ca o piesa de dragoste. Ma rog, pana la urma este vorba de futut, dragoste, sex etc.

Sa luam piesa pe versuri.

Starea mea nu-i foarte buna
Baby, n-am mancat nimic mai bine de-o saptamana
Din primele doua versuri vedem ca Delia nu a mai intretinut relatii sexuale de o saptamana drept urmare hormonii ei sunt dereglati si nu are o stare foarte buna.

Daca nu iti cer prea mult: sa ma hranesti cu mana ta
Arata foarte bine ce-i in farfuria ta
Avand in vedere versurile de mai sus ea cere dragoste partenerului ei. Chiar afirma ca el arata foarte bine si ca pofteste la ce are el de oferit.

Comanda e la mine si e totul natural
Tu framanta-ma pe mine, pan' la felul principal
Stii ca painea calda, baby, e la mine in cuptor
Hai sa ne servim cat e fierbinte, stii ca se raceste usor
Din primul vers Delia ne spune ca nu are nimic fake. Ea este naturala, nu are implanturi sau alte chestii care se practica in show biz astazi.
Mai departe ea descrie cum vrea ca actual sexual sa se intampla. preludiu iar apoi dragoste(sex)
Ea este pregatita, vrea acum si spune ca se grabeste sa se intample acum pentru ca dupa aia dispare cheful.

Dragostea mi-e dulce rau
Cand ma pierd cu firea
Foame de sarutul tau
Cand iti simt privirea
Pana la urma, ea ne spune ca este buna la dragoste(in pat)Iar cand isi vede alesul simte o nevoie de sarutul lui.

Du-te-ma, baby Du-te-ma si ia-ma-n brate, baby Du-te-ma cum stii ca-mi place, baby Du-te-ma, da' du-te tare Du-te pana mi-aduci lumea la picioare

Refrenul este foarte simplu. In loc de Du-te este Fute. Adica:
Fute-ma baby.
Fute-ma si ia-ma-n brate.
Fute-ma cum stii ca-mi place.
Fute-ma, da fute tare.
Fute-ma pana la orgasm.

Duci, nu duci, vremea iubirii trece Timpu' stii ca nu te iarta, viata asta-i complicata Hai sa fim nebuni, sa ne iubim cat zece Pune vinu', tu, la rece, lasa grijile sa plece, baby

Primul vers este o zicere celebra la noi:
Futi, nu futi, vremea pulii trece.
Adica cu timpul o sa imbatranesti si nu o sa mai poti.
Adu vinul ala bun, roze sau alb pentru ca doar alea se pun la rece si hai sa ne iubim(futem)

Si cam asta este piesa Deliei pentru cei care nu au inteles. ;)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

For about 2 weeks I have been using the Razer Leviathan 5.1 Just so you know as an overall experience is great. It's a nice, good quality soundbar with a passive woofer with Analog, Optical, Bluetooth and NFC capable connections. I really like the concept and what they did with it. I am using it the old classic way, analog 2.1 and I am pretty happy with the sound quality. But I have tested it with optical and Bluetooth, could not with NFC since I only have iPhone. 
Now for the bad stuff.
Everything on this soundbar is customizable via it's buttons with not option to connect it to a PC or to a phone app via Bluetooth so that I can create a profile with my preferences and load it from there(Like other Razer products, you know by gamers for gamers). Yes, there are some profiles on it. But guess what? Every time it goes off when it's idle for, I honestly do not know how much time for, it resets the settings that I made and I need to redo them. Meaning, hold down the Dolby button and +/- volume buttons for bass
Also, the only button that it's illuminated it's the one for Dolby when it does not enter the power saving mode, I guess? So, when I am trying to do something on it I need to grab and sound bar and closely look at it to make sure I press the correct button and also guess the levels because there is no graphical representation for when I am at 100% or 10%.
Also, the lack of a wireless network adapter to connect it to the house Wi-Fi and just to broadcast music to it makes it less competitive with what's on the market.
Overall, I would recommend this soundbar to anyone that wants something clean and with a good sound quality for the price on amazon. Also, it does not work with iphone via NFC because apple only uses NFC for apple pay.
I would recommend Razer to roll out an update that it can be done via the service USB so that we can configure the soundbar and maybe make it available in Synapse with profiles?
And with the future sound devices:
-Please make it PC or phone App connectable and customizable.
-Please iluminate all the buttons.
-Please add a Wi-Fi card for streaming music.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kissing the mouth of a gun

Why was I there again? The things that I want by me: A smoke, a whiskey, her to fuck me, to sleep, to forget, to just blow everything, the power to not look back, to just fuck it all and ride into the hot sunset…..

I was hurt, they were all dead. I released my finger from the trigger leave the barrel with smoke and the smell of burning flesh, probably the skin burned from the hot bullets. I could feel the dripping sweat on my body trying to cool me. Just then I opened my eyes and the 1st thing I gaze my look upon was her ass, perfect, as my left hand was grabbing it. Next thing I noticed was my right hand, it was pulling her red as hell hair. The first think I heard was her voice, screaming loudly as I pulled her hair harder and harder and before I know it, it was all over. Next thing I hear was her saying: you are not normal, you broke me. These cannot be covered by a dress.

I didn't fucking ask for this. But as we lay in bed and shared a smoke I wanted to tell her that all we need is to know that we love each other and that she was just perfect.

Closing my eyes forces me to look at the darkness inside. The darkness that drove me here, the darkness that left those marks on her. I had woken up to hear her screaming voice. The voice that could kill angels and slay demons. My world was getting to small for comfort. I do not know what to make of this.

Wait, wait just a minute. Talk to me! Tell me you want to go to bed with me again and just get up so we can forget what we did, just let me hear that voice again, let me feel that skin, those sweet lips and that perfume that makes my heart worm.

As the idea rips through my mind, it shatters the image of the women moving the lips. This is what I see when I look back, these moments, blinding as a flash of light, they kill you, change you, I die and I live again, remade.

I came to a midst the wreckage of my own making. I am staying here to make sure that the fire I started will not extend. But no one is waking up from this dream with a kiss. It is the way around, she kisses him to wake him up, to make him stare into the abys he created, to rip the wings that he has and make him jump.

I don’t know, is this a crime? It is against the law to be happy? How did this happen? Did life play a trick on me and shattered the mask I was wearing reveling something?

Death is inevitable, our fear of it makes us play safe, blocks down emotion and it’s a losing game. Without passion you are already dead.