Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alice Madness Returns and the mad gamer!

While I am waiting for S2 to make something about the servers, I got my little gamer hands on Alice Madness Returns. Ka-Boom!!! I would say if I wasn't a game tester in my past life. Sad but true I had to get over all issues from installing the game to configuration. But I will not spend time talking about how Spicy Horse tested the game on PC, no sir, but it could have used another month of functional testing you psychotic bastards!!! So I could save my keyboard and mouse from the damage that will show in time.

The story....I will not talk about this.....wait I am doing it. Yes, pretty freaking simple: Alice is mad, she goes to Wonderland and finds it in ruing by a freaking train. But that is just the surface of it. In real facts, Alice has killed her family and she is having some help from a doctor, a brain doctor that is. Now how about that? The good old doctor turns into a evil mastermind that is trying to get Alice to make money with her pussy and in fact he killed her family. Why is he doing all this? I have no freaking idea, you find out and tell me.
When I started to play I was feeling like Kratos combined with Dante plus Modern Warfare 2. You have 4 weapons which you upgrade by gathering teeth. Hmm, in what games did I see this but with red orbs? Yes, you got it. The enemies are looking like a piece of art? No, they are same with a little changing around the corners depending on what chapter you are.  But I guess the puzzles are pretty hard and diverse with a fancy mechanic that will blow your mind. No, they are the same. For five chapters I went in paintings, arranged some boxes to make a photo look full again and yes, the doll head part, you will find that out for yourself.

How about that amazing level design? Well yes, you got me Spicy Horse you evil red bastard. I really like the levels, I spent at least 15 minutes on each level to admire Wonderland powered by Unreal Engine :) Even thou some parts are copy paste and look pretty familiar to puzzles from Half Life, they were good. I liked the dress changing to make hole with the level. The weapons that change how they look when they are upgraded.

Against all odds and against all the bad grades that this game received, I enjoyed it and hated it for about 20 and something hours. So, if you are a casual gamer that plays everything that drops from heaven, this is your game.

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