Friday, November 18, 2011


Last piece of the puzzle is here: Modern Warfare 3. I have to admit that this one really got to me.  I liked the 1st MW and after I played the second one I felt pretty disappointed. Like the super mega idea was to add 3 more nukes in the story, yes, that sucked and not in a good way.  But MW3 really got me in the moment. Typical Hollywood scenes, story, actors and effects; all with the same old game engine. I think it’s pretty good to not start working on a new engine and find out that you don’t have time to finish the game or the engine like other studios…Oh snap, yes I did. J

Now, what I liked about this one was that it really got me. I was unable to smoke a cigar for like 3 hours, thank god I needed a bathroom break. Now, the game is not that long but it offers a fist full of Hollywood effects and moments. It’s like the game is Santa and you are a little bastard boy dressed up in your army suit waiting for the grenades on a Christmas snow day parade.

The story is pretty predictable with a little surprise, Soap dies and the only sole survivor of this tale is Price. I know I spoiled the game for you now. Oh well you can blame Activision for that. And you can blame Activision for the high price. Yes you bastards, 60 euros are a high price.

Well I liked the game for he’s full length of 4 -5 hours.  It’s somehow like Black Ops; it gets you in the action from start to the beginning and it does not let you breath unless you say uncle.

Nothing bad to say about it, only that the engine is pretty old and graphics are pretty smudged but it still compensates with the action going around you. And you will hardly observe the graphics when you have to follow X and Y and kill Z and get to the H etc. etc. etc.
It’s still a good game. The best in the series I would say but don’t spend 60 euros on it. Go to a friend’s house. Play it there. ;) 

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