Sunday, July 1, 2012

MOBA games and the shit

I am not new to MOBA games but I kind of got tired of them, really tired. Now I am looking around I see dota2 making noise. If you ask me Valve is going after George Lucas. Let's get all the money, why not? 

I will start with dota. Dota was a nice game. It was new and was something exciting. After dota I switched to HON. Why you would ask. Because it's the new generation MOBA game that all the pros should play. I don't want delay because I don't know what the reason is(in dota it was because of the engine limitation). I want my hero to respond ASAP cause I am over 200 apm fucker that does a lot of shit.and yes, it's 2012 and all the restrictions are off since we are technological evolved as fuck. I don't like LoL because I think it's a fucking stupid game. You have splash damage on ranged heroes. Are you fucking with me? 

Now, why do I think dota2 is a fucking cash money project? Because it's the same fucking game. Oh yes, they added all the shit that HoN has. Yes dudes, you stole that shit. I know HoN got some heroes and and the base idea from Guinso and IceFrog but the rest they did from scratch. They went around the community and asked what they wanted. They did not went like little bitches and stole features from different titles. I was in HoN from the second month of closed beta(veteran fucker here) and I still play from time to time and I remember how the old map was and the old Menu with only the public matches and only PSR and shit like that. I have around 4000 matches in HoN since closed beta. I played a lot, non-stop only HoN and I know what I am talking about. 
Now, I see a lot of  embryos coming out and going: DOTA2 and MOBAs. You shit head You have no idea what dota2 is all about. It's about getting all the money they can with 0 new shit. Yes, dude. It's the same old delay system(for I don't know what reason), same old heroes, same old map and same old everything...oh wait, yes, they stole the other features of HoN. Pretty smart Valve.

So please, before talking shit please make sure you had desert. 


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